Construction operations are dynamic, with multiple job sites, diverse assets, and crew on-the-go. Track your heavy equipment, powered trailers and assets with the IP67 rated ruggedized telematics device for harsh conditions or external installation to help streamline your operations and maximize profitability.


NMS Keeps a Close Eye On Your Assets

While you’re focusing on your business, Nova Mobile Systems is gathering location and PTO data and crunching the numbers. We make it easy to see usage reports so you can identify trends in your operations.

Preventative Maintenance

With telematics tracking devices, equipment maintenance scheduling can be based on accurate engine usage hours and automatic service alerts; No more unnecessary maintenance based on recommended schedules.




• Complete Visibility of Workforce, Assets & Cost

• Track Fuel Usage & Idling Trends

• Monitor Hours of Engine Usage

• GPS Technology

• Advanced Dashboard Reports

• Geofencing or Location Perimeter Options

• Fault Codes & Machine Health Over Given Period of Time


• Proven, Reliable Technology

• Cloud-Based Management Software

• Access 24/7 From Any Connected Device

• Easily Scale With Other Monitoring Solutions

• Theft Reduction and Equipment Recovery

• Active Alerts Via Phone, Email and Text

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