Start saving effort, time and money with a fully automated solution that provides 24/7 monitoring, location tracking and real-time alerts for the most critical conditions of your Power Generators.


Fuel and Battery Levels

Record and monitor fuel levels, battery charge levels, generator voltage and fuel used over a given period in real-time to stay on top of the conditions of your Generator.

Hours of Service

Alerts for automated maintenance are based on total hours of run time for each generator. The data is then sent to our platform via the dashboard, where you can see a medley of information on the equipments hours of service for a given period of time.




Including, but not limited to, current and historical fuel levels, current battery levels, hours of run time, average fuel used over a given time i.e. gallons per hour used to estimate future run time capability.

cloud based access

The data collected from your generator is transported via cellular connection to our platform and is accessible via the cloud to multiple users as the administrator allows from any kind of smart device.