The NovaAssure Fleet Management system allows companies to minimize the risks associated with vehicle management by improving efficiency, productivity and reduce their overall transportation and staff cost while ensuring driver safety and accountability.


Real-time location

Identify and track the active locations of fleet members in real-time from anywhere. Gain insight as to where each vehicle is headed to ensure optimal travel time and fuel consumption.

Geofence capabilities

Draw any shape on the tracking map and receive real-time alerts if the vehicle enters or exits the chosen areas in a given time.

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 12.07.54 PM.png


ignition on/off

Receive instant alerts for unauthorized use, ignition ON outside of working hours. Have accurate historical records of all use within and outside allowed hours and locations.

acceleration & harsh braking

Receive real-time speeding, harsh braking or other alerts, via email or SMS text. This feature helps fleet managers keep track of their drivers when something outside of there regular
driving behavior occurs.



trip history & reports

Allows you to track all Trip History with address, date, time and location along with estimated miles and fuel used.