Simplifying The Complexities of IoT

A leader and advisor in the IoT Solutions Industry. Nova empowers companies of all sizes to improve IoT operational and business functions by simplifying the complexity of IoT. Our rich knowledge and experience of IoT, global reach, purpose-built solutions, and deployment abilities accelerate & impact our customers’ business management.



Increase efficiency and reduce costs with centralized information systems extending to outdoor/industrial networks, connect and analyze location-based data that drives transformative business performance.


Our NovaAssure IoT solution provides seamless combination of sensors and GPS data which precisely and effectively monitors what matters most to your business.


Transform your company’s operations with our brand new NB IoT product portfolio. Maintain your daily workflow with precise & accurate reporting via Nova Mobile Systems IoT devices.


Introducing narrowband iot

Introducing Nova Mobile System's New NB IoT Product Portfolio allowing you to leverage the unique strengths of the T-Mobile Narrowband Network including;

  • Improved penetration in challenging environments. Operating in lower frequency ranges allows NB products to connect in places normal cellular devices have a difficult time

  • Improved battery life with NB’s low power usage. Nova’s NMS821 Battery tracker lasts for up to 10 years without charging

  • For more information click the image aside for specifications and details regarding each product


IoT Bundled solutions

As a leader in the IoT industry, Nova Mobile Systems offers its customers a range of bundled products to suit your businesses needs. Whether it’s a multifunctional service or a paired device to any of the sensors we offer, our company prides itself on the basis of having a plethora of options so that the customer feels right at home but not to overwhelmed.